Blue Marble Lawn Valves:

  • Save water, save money, save the earth!
  • Are individually controlled, wireless, battery-free lawn sprinkler valves that simply screw onto existing sprinkler outlets
  • Install just one to clear up that mud puddle or outfit an entire zone of sprinklers
  • Battery-free rechargeable devices that can last years!
  • Communicate and work with the Blue Marble controller and your upstream standard irrigation valves
  • Allow for user adjustment (%) of controller automated irrigation
  • Can be linked to Blue Marble Garden sensors for even better irrigation control

Blue Marble lawn valves communicate with the controller to beautify your lawn and smartly control water use.


  • Standard ½ inch female sprinkler threads
  • Accepts standard ½ inch female sprinkler bodies
  • Typical Radio Range: 10 to 100 m (30 to 900 feet)