Blue Marble Drip/Zone Valves

  • Save Water, Save the environment, save money!
  • Are wireless, battery-free valves for perfecting and balancing irrigation in your garden
  • Can control a single or set of sprinklers, a small drip area, or a larger drip zone
  • Solar recharges even on cloudy days and in the shade
  • Allows for user adjustment (%) of controller automated irrigation
  • Communicates and works with the Blue Marble controller and an upstream standard irrigation valve
  • Can be linked to Blue Marble Garden sensors for even better irrigation control
  • Send alerts to your app in case of foliage overgrowth or other important conditions
  • Designed to last years without replacement!

Sub-divide your irrigation zones with one or more Blue Marble valves and dole out just sips of water to your more hardy plants while giving a deeper drink to the few that need more.

The future is drip irrigation and Blue Marble valves work for you to help automate your future.


  • ¾ inch standard threads (similar flow as standard valves)
  • 30 gpm. flow capacity
  • Typical Radio Range: 300 m (about 900 ft)
  • Will operate for 48 hours in pitch black