The Heart of the System - The Controller

The Blue Marble Irrigation Controller

  • Saves money, saves water, and saves the environment
  • Goes to work automating your garden with Internet connected weather after easy installation in new or existing systems
  • Comes with the free, Blue Marble App
  • Is a drop-in replacement for old-tech irrigation controllers
  • Accounts for garden zone sun exposure, soil porosity, slope steepness, plant water needs, and, of course, weather.
  • Controls up to 12 standard wired solenoid valves
  • Has sensor or timer based backup irrigation in case the Internet is blocked or unavailable
  • Allows for user tuning of the automated irrigation plan

You need nothing more than the controller and the free Blue Marble app to put your garden on an automated path to beauty!

And, when you are ready for precision automation, just plug in the optional Marble-Link radio and you are ready to wirelessly talk with Blue Marble wireless drip valves, lawn valves, and garden sensors.


  • Drives up to 12 standard solenoid valves
  • Typical WiFi-to-router Range
  • 115V 60 Hz AC to 24 volt AC, plug-in, wall transformer
  • WiFi Standards: IEEE 802.11n; backward compatible with 802.11b/g Wi-Fi Certified. Security 64/128 bit WEP Encryption and WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK security; WPS compatible IEEE
  • 802.1X
  • Warrantied for indoor use, only