Blue Marble Campaign Launched

BlueMarble is proud to announce the launch of our Kickstarter campaign. Head over to and like, share or even better, pledge your support. Help us make a brighter water wise future for all. BlueMarble has also been featured in today’s press release from

Bringing Blue Marble to Life (for the techies)

“They’re only sprinklers!” Yeah. Right! I worked for so many years in hi-tech that I was certain the design and manufacture of the Blue Marble system would be a piece of cake! Not so fast. In hi-tech irrigation, you’ve got almost all the challenges of engineering and physics to deal with: Hydraulics, pressures, flows, seals, and forces Electro-magnetics in the […]

IoT Basics – Three Realms of IoT Radio Range

OK. This is a technical tip for those who might be starting to embark on an IoT product venture. I have seen many people immediately choose the fundamentally WRONG technology from the start for their IoT product. I don’t want you to start the journey on your left foot! If you are just starting to think about an IoT product […]

IOT Basics – LoRa and LoRaWAN

System designers integrating radio frequency IoT technologies into their products have a large, fragmented and, sometimes, confusing set of communications stacks and standards from which to choose. In a previous article, I compared several IoT communications standards, quickly leaving some of them behind and concentrating on the differences between BlueTooth Low Energy (BLE) and IoTMesh (IEEE 802.15.4e with IETF 6LoWPAN, […]