Blue Marble Inc. was founded by Paul F. Sabadin, the inventor of the Blue Marble System.

Paul F. Sabadin: A California native who grew up loving being in the outdoors and nature, he skied, flew hangliders, hiked the Sierra Mountains, and spent endless summers at the beach. At the same time, he loves cars, motorcycles and technology.
Educated in physics at UC Berkeley and, over the past twenty years or so, Paul has worked building some very sophisticated hardware and software systems. Some of the systems that he played a key role in building assist in the flying of airplanes and satellites. Still others run, full time, behind the hallowed walls of some first-rate American labs. But he always wanted to create something that everyone could use. He wanted to do more with and for others, and for our great planet. He also wanted to experience the immense creative joy of doing it.

Blue Marble is the culmination of these desires. Water is essential to each of us and to all life on our planet. And, I believe that the outdoors, including our gardens and farms, are essential to enjoying life. With the Blue Marble System, we can save money on our water bills while we conserve precious natural resources. We can be leaders in technology and leaders in social change while we grow more vital gardens, play in greener fields, and grow our food on more fertile and sustainable lands.
-Paul F. Sabadin